Our Services

Our services all fall under one roof: helping you organize, envision, and plan your multi-faceted financial life. From utilizing our wealth management experts to grow your investment portfolio to working with our experienced CPA professionals to prepare your taxes, we consider the whole picture to build a strategy that works for you.

Wealth Management

Empower your money to work for you

Our approach to wealth management starts with understanding your entire financial picture: your income and expenses, your investments, your risk tolerance, your financial goals, time horizons, and, of course, your taxes. Gaining a holistic understanding of your finances empowers us. We use our many decades of experience to make recommendations that work for you.

Services we offer include:
• Investment analysis
• Asset allocation, planning, and monitoring
• Credit card and mortgage debt planning
• Tuition planning

Tax Services

Experienced tax advisors to guide you

Tax planning is about more than looking at income and deductions. As tax strategists for your entire financial lives, we also monitor your investments and assets to map a tax-efficient plan.

Services we offer:
• Tax planning
• Tax return preparation
• Investment monitoring for tax considerations
• Budgeting
• Tax research and consultation

Business Services

Plan for business success

Make a plan for your business’s financial success. We will advise you through every step of the journey—from start-up funding, accounting, and taxes to insurance planning, setting up company retirement plans, and creating transition plans.

Services we offer include:
• Financial statement preparation
• Business tax planning & preparation
• Business insurance needs analysis and recommendations
• Retirement plan design and implementation
• Business succession plans
• Executive strategy development

Retirement & Estate Planning

Securing your financial future

Build a stable financial foundation for your retirement years. We’ll guide you through retirement planning as well as estate planning to help ensure a smooth transition of your assets to loved ones and/
or charities, while minimizing estate taxes.

Services we offer include:
• Retirement needs analysis
• Review retirement asset portfolio
• Re-allocation of investments as you approach retirement
• Estate planning and implementation
• Consult and assist with creation of wills and trusts

Insurance Consulting

Covering the unexpected

Insurance is about protection so that in the event of the unexpected your family is secure and your assets stay protected. We understand that life isn’t always predictable and we’re committed to guide you along the bumpy roads: accidents, injuries, illnesses, disability, death. Together, we help develop plans to protect you for these situations, with health, life, disability, and long-term care insurance coverages.

Services we offer include:
• Insurance needs analysis
• Insurance review and recommendations
• Monitoring of your needs through life transitions
• Place insurance products as needed
• Elder law products

Family Office Services

Securing the next generation

With growing complexities of managing, protecting and growing family wealth, our team provides a wide range of family office services.

Services we offer include:
• Multi-generational wealth planning and education
• Investment management, monitoring and reporting
• Philanthropic planning/private foundation structuring consulting
• Day-to-day accounting
• Budgeting
• Tax planning and compliance
• Insurance planning
• Estate planning